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Thank you Jackie + Eric for this Sweet Review on Wedding Wire!

photo Jeff and Molly Weddings

"We hit the jackpot with Bonnie and First City Events

The week we became engaged we knew we wanted to have a destination wedding in Savannah, and to do that we knew we needed the best wedding planner we could find. We needed a planner who knew Savannah inside and out, who could be our partner on the ground, that we could trust to pursue our vision, since we lived in NYC. We spent three - four weeks interviewing planners, who were pretty much all the same, very energetic and enthusiastic, but none of them had a package that fit our needs, and when we asked them to develop a more personalized package, we got nowhere. Bonnie was the perfect planner for us... She listened to what we knew we wanted, and what we were sure we needed help with. She took care of scheduling all of our planning meetings, and made sure she was available for the ones we knew we needed her help with, and was there to answer any questions we had along the way. If there was anything we were worried about, Bonnie would always reply with "Don't worry, I'll take care of that", we would eventually just refer these items as Bonnie Problems or BP's, and our minds would instantly be put at ease. She was able to schedule all of our pre-wedding planning meetings and tasks into two physical planning trips to help save money on planning travel expenses. (even though we would have loved to go more often, since we loved Savannah and Bonnie even more so.) As we went through the process of planning our wedding, we found that Bonnie had built a great reputation of respect in the Savannah wedding planning community. Every Vendor we met with would say "We work with Bonnie all the time, and we LOVE her". It felt good to know the network of people we were putting together to work on our wedding respected and trusted our Planner. As we got closer to the date and felt like we needed more time to communicate, Bonnie always made herself available to answer our questions and put our minds at ease. One of the biggest struggles, with planning a wedding in Savannah, was the the culture difference. As New Yorkers, we were used to getting answer's right away, and Savannah is typically slower paced. Without Bonnie, we would have likely grown frustrated with many of our vendors, and moved on. Bonnie was able to always get us answers, or assure us she was working on getting the answers. Anytime we were growing worried with the response time, she would be honest about it being in or out of character for that typical vendor. In the end, every vendor we chose, that Bonnie recommended, came through, and was the perfect choice. Anyone who would ask us, what was the biggest decision, or what was the best decision we made along the way, would always get the same answer. "Bonnie"! We affectionately refer to her as our favorite person in Savannah. If we trace back any single decision we made with our wedding, or any part that people say they loved about our wedding, it always traced back to hiring Bonnie. Whether it was a vendor she recommended, or her embracing a new or different way we wanted to do something (like how to set up our seating for the ceremony), she was always there to support our choices and recommend people that would support our vision and make our wedding day what we wanted it to be. Hire Bonnie, you won't regret it!"


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